ICT Strategy Toolkit

As many of you will know, having an ICT Strategy helps to focus the work of your organisation and to assist it in securing future funding where required.

By answering a series of questions about your organisation and the work that it does, this toolkit will produce an ICT Strategy which will prove invaluable in accounting for your communication and technology needs into the future.

The toolkit can not only produce a general strategy for your organisation, but also allows the production of 'tailored' multi-budget strategies which you may need for specific projects and collaborations etc.

We have also built in to the toolkit even more features including an ICT training needs analysis for your staff and volunteers and an up-to-date costs projector for all of the equipment you have and will need to maintain.

All of the documents that this toolkit produces can be downloaded and saved onto your own computer to allow future modifications and updating.

  • The intellectual property rights of this toolkit remain with VONNE.
  • This toolkit is completely free to use by third sector organisations nationwide.
  • It was made possible via funding through Capacitybuilders

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